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Contact information of water reducing agent manufacturer

The following five aspects need to be considered when selecting a water reducing agent manufacturer

  1. Online search engines: Use search engines like Google, Bing, or Baidu to search for water reducing agent manufacturers. Include specific keywords like "water reducing agent manufacturer" or "concrete admixture manufacturer" in your search. Look for official websites, directories, or business listings that provide contact information.

  2. Industry directories: Check industry-specific directories or databases that list chemical or construction-related companies. Examples include ThomasNet, Alibaba, or Global Sources. These platforms often provide contact details, including email addresses and phone numbers.

  3. Trade associations and exhibitions: Contact trade associations related to the construction or chemical industries. They can provide you with a list of reputable manufacturers or recommend specific companies. Additionally, attend relevant industry exhibitions or conferences where you can directly connect with manufacturers and obtain their contact information from booth displays or business cards.

  4. Local business directories: Consult local business directories or yellow pages. Look for chemical or construction categories and search for manufacturers specializing in concrete additives or water reducing agents. Contact information such as phone numbers and addresses may be listed.

  5. Contact intermediaries: Get in touch with intermediaries, such as distributors or suppliers of construction chemicals. They may have knowledge of multiple manufacturers and can provide contact information based on their partnerships.

water reducing agent manufacturer

FAX: +86-632-3671189
ADD:No.1, Fuqian South Road, Xuecheng Chemical Industrial Park, Xuecheng District, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, China

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