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Role of scale and corrosion inhibitors?

Scale and corrosion inhibitors play an important role in industrial and water treatment processes. They are chemicals that protect the integrity of equipment and systems by preventing scale formation and metal corrosion in pipes, equipment, and systems. Here are some roles of scale and corrosion inhibitors:

  1. Scale inhibition: In industrial and water treatment processes, various dissolved salts, alkaline metals, and silicates are present in water. When water is heated or concentrated, these substances deposit on the inner walls of pipes, equipment, and systems to form solid deposits, called scale. Scale formation decreases heat exchange efficiency, clogs pipes and equipment, and increases energy consumption. Scale inhibitors disrupt the crystallization process of deposits and inhibit the formation and growth of scale, thereby maintaining the efficient operation of equipment and systems.

  2. Corrosion inhibition: Metal corrosion is a common problem, especially in water treatment and industrial systems. Metal corrosion causes damage and failure of pipes, equipment, and systems, thereby increasing maintenance and replacement costs. Corrosion inhibitors slow down the rate of metal corrosion by forming a protective film or surface reaction that prevents metal from contacting oxygen, water, and other corrosive substances in the environment.

  3. Cleaning action: In addition to preventing scale and corrosion, scale and corrosion inhibitors can also clean and remove already formed deposits and corrosion products. They can dissolve or disperse already formed scale and carry it out of the system, restoring the normal operation of equipment and pipes. Furthermore, they can react with formed corrosion to form stable compounds and reduce further metal loss.

In summary, scale and corrosion inhibitors are critical chemicals that ensure the proper operation of industrial equipment and water treatment systems. They inhibit scale formation and metal corrosion, protect the integrity of equipment and systems, and have a cleaning action.

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