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Water treatment chemicals daily dosing staff working rules

2016-09-01 22:16:17

1, water treatment agent dosing principle

(1) must be accurate, timely, according to the amount of dosing;
(2) When using intermittent sewage, dosing should be after the sewage;
(3) each time before dispensing, will be required to clean the barrel after dispensing to dispensing the medicine into the bucket, and the completion of the addition required for dispensing chemical wash tub 2 to 3 times;
(4) If using two biocide, should alternate dosing and uniform distribution of added time interval;
(5) added biocide day without adding scale and corrosion inhibitor;
(6) a detailed record of daily dosing and sewage situation replacement situation.

2, water treatment agent dosing methods

According to the status and chemical properties of the system can be added directly biocide sump.
Corrosion Inhibitor dosing way: in the pool of circulating cooling water catchment configure a dispensing slot, dispensing water tank fill the upper part, the lower part of the sewage outfall, pharmacy dispensing tank was added after dilution with water supplemented with continuous metering pump uniformly gradually added sump.

3, water treatment agent dosing position

Agents do not join the sump near the drain, so the agent does not enter the circulating water system was directly discharged; a mixing agent in the pool have time to mix evenly; do not go near the entrance of a dosing pump, this will result in uneven distribution of drug concentration.

4, water treatment agent dosing method

(1) Corrosion Inhibitor added: Press the amount of the medicine has been added to the wash bucket dispensing, stirring constantly adding additional water to dilute the agent about 3 to 5 times (diluted purpose is to balance the dosing time , may not be diluted if necessary), stirred mixing, dosing pump regulator open dosing valve, the medicine continuously and uniformly added sump, and control within 20 to 24 hour period.

(2) sterilization of Incorporation: The Impact intermittent dosing method operates according to the amount of the drug directly into the sump, the circulating water remained fairly agent concentration in the period of time to obtain the most effective biocidal and peeling effect.

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