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Water treatment agent single dose and complex products business model

2016-09-05 22:01:57

        Traditionally, a single dose of water treatment agent water treatment agent production enterprises and production complex business models vary.

        1) single-dose treatment agent production business model as shown below:

        Water treatment agent single agent production business model

        Source: Public data compilation

        As described in FIG., A single dose of water treatment agent manufacturers, mainly through wholesalers to sell products or intermediate technology services company, the latter serving end customers.

        2) water treatment agent production complex enterprise business model:

        Water treatment agent production complex business models

        Source: Public data compilation

        As described in FIG, complex production companies typically produced goods and services directly to end customers, but also to provide product support and technical services company.

        The difference between the two modes is that a single dose does not need a strong sales and technical services, but will provide product suppliers, performance, specifications, safety data, and the field of use to the customer, but will leave a large number of other technical services technical services company. Complex products prior to sale, the need for the customer's water quality, equipment, materials, process parameters (temperature, flow rate, etc.), process water systems and technology and other detailed surveys and solicit clients in treatment costs, concentration ratio, water and other aspects of demand, based on laboratory screening, verification, proposed treatment program, signed a technical service contract.

        Currently, part of the water treatment agent single dose manufacturers are also involved in the technical services, self-developed formula products, services, end customers, presenting a mixed operating characteristics. Both feature two modes of operation of the mixing is becoming the major domestic manufacturers of development.

        Specific mode as shown below:

        Source: Public data compilation

        Foreign and domestic business model is basically the same, one is the production of water treatment agent single dose product companies such as Rohm-Hass, Dow, which does not directly serve end customers; the other is the production of water treatment agent complex products company, such as Ashland, Buckman, the main technical services; the last one is GE, Nalco and other companies, both of these two types of pattern features.

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