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How biocide serve?

2016-09-10 22:31:59
        Biocide is a very wide range of production and life use water treatment agent, its performance is recognized by the consumers, but you may not know biocide delivery method, are summarized as follows:
        1. we can put before the biocide first diluted with water to prescribe medication, pay attention to water temperature, generally about 60 degrees can not be more than 70 degrees, otherwise it will affect the biocide activity, followed by filtration to use when running, you can add a little to be added to a class, pointing to serve;
        2. Use the dosing funnel serving: This is a more direct method is relatively simple one, we can put the right amount of biocide into the hopper, according to a certain rate of the drug can be served directly to the boiler;
        3. If the boiler tank with algaecide, no economizer, in which way we can deliver drugs directly to the tank, drugs can be directly associated with the water supply system to the furnace to achieve sterilization effect;
        4. Periodic delivery, sewage rate of this method at about 7%, but to ensure that each class has a discharge, time control in about 50s can pay attention to the water level after the change if no sewage treatment, you need to check whether the line is blocked .

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