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Improve environmental quality to rely on what means?

2016-09-12 22:11:27

September 7, 2016 China Environment News publicity work conference held in Xiamen, the local environmental protection bureau responsible person and other participants of the meeting on "Innovation environmental management, improve the quality of the environment" as the theme of discussion. Excerpts thesis in which five wonderful speech to the readers.

Promote the improvement of environmental quality to rely on what means?

Implement the "party and government with responsibility", optimize the industrial layout, the implementation of grid management, conduct pollution checks.

China Environment News: Environmental core work "Thirteen Five" period is to improve the quality of the environment. Environment Minister Chen Jining stressed that to improve the environmental quality of the core through to all areas of environmental protection and the entire process, accelerate the transformation of ideas, concepts, ideas and ways. This year is the "Thirteen Five" the first year, it is to improve the quality of the environment in order to change the core of an important time node. Today, we invited several guests to share innovative practice around the ideas and ways of working, and want to be able to listen to here with friends, and play a role of inspiration and reference.

What is environmental management? This concept should be first on the "use of resources, environment and development of the Strategic Approach" symposium held in Mexico in 1974, was first formally proposed. In 1975 Hugh El anthropogenic activities of its "environmental management," a book on environmental management to do a special elaboration, that "environmental management is a natural human environment damage the quality of human activities (especially damage to air, water and land quality in appearance )Influence".

In fact, our country held the 1973 First National Conference on Environmental Protection, on environmental management and actively explore ways to form the eight environmental management system with Chinese characteristics, including: environmental protection target responsibility system; comprehensive improvement and quantitative assessment; centralized pollution control; deadline; permit system; environmental impact assessment system; "three simultaneous" system; charging system.

Here, I would like to ask Nankai District Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director Sun Hualin. You won medals for three decades has long been engaged in environmental protection this year, eight of the environmental management system is also very familiar. Will, in order to improve the environmental quality of the core, the need for innovation in what areas? Tianjin's urban management through the use of digital management platform is effective grid management received the key, can you tell us about this experience?

Sun Hualin: environmental management, Nankai District, Tianjin should be said has been particularly innovative practice, but also draws on some of the more successful practices in other provinces, and on this basis, we have launched a digital platform regulation, mainly relying on management basis. Beijing, Tianjin and more serious air pollution problems, regional pollution prevention and control rely on a department, a region more difficult, so the Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau under the leadership of our successful regional linkage. In addition, the environmental protection department to carry out horizontal interaction with other departments.

In addition, the region implemented a grid management, the establishment of a four-level grid system. Mayor, Party Secretary is a post, deputy director of the two jobs, three jobs are neighborhood offices, the neighborhood is four positions. Nankai District currently has more than 170 district offices.

The role of four grid is around Tianjin Air Combat Combat conduct daily supervision, the main form is the use of mobile devices, according to the designated area every day to the affected area air quality issues identified in advance to arrange some time to tour . Once the effects on air quality issues, on the adoption of mobile terminals uploaded to the platform by platform staff analysis according to the problem, and then notify the appropriate departments, its timely disposal limit. After completion of the disposal, the internet feedback disposition photos. According to upload, we come back to spread to neighborhood supervision platform to further implement by them. For air pollution control, from the initial discovery photo problems, to photograph the disposal process, and then to dispose of the results of the photo, this three photos to form a closed loop system. The system began operating in October last year, played a good role.

The first action that is most prominent role is to reflect the pollution problems related to the transmission of information faster. Past environmental staff to carry out daily monitoring may have some blind spots, and now use the grid supervision, make up the regulatory gaps. The second effect is to make the pollution problem can be resolved quickly and improve processing efficiency. Nankai District, Tianjin, as the old city is a cultural tourism area, air quality management in Tianjin as a whole is more forward position. But the process of urban construction serious environmental problems, because in the old city construction and development especially in the presence of the construction aspect of a builder's more problems. Now through the grid supervision, we put a lot of problems have been resolved prone. Nankai District, Tianjin last year, the overall quality of the environment in the first row, the first is to improve the rate, these achievements and four grid supervision and management are inseparable.

Of course, there are many need to be perfected. For example, we have established a construction site for all online monitoring platform, the platform is now performing data integration, there is no sharing of resources. Next, advancing platform construction also requires constant effort.

China Environment News: We have been very concerned about the problem of air pollution in Beijing, Tianjin Region. Speaking of Beijing, Tianjin and especially air pollution, this year there are two related novels I am sure you have heard. The first is the "haze coming", the second portion is a "haze of mourning." Today we are fortunate to have invited the writer director - Langfang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director Li Yuan. Will Langfang City in improving the quality of the environment, what are the good practices?

Li Yuan: Langfang close to Beijing, is to improve the quality of the environment, promoting regional air pollution control "1 + 2 mode" (Beijing, Baoding and Langfang plus) focus on core areas. Since 2015, Langfang City, through implementation of the "party and government with responsibility", the local Party committees at the county level responsible for people into environmental management and air pollution control evaluation, interviews target areas of work, and the evaluation mechanism included interviews to the media and scope of public disclosure supervision, promote the county party committee leaders not only do local economic development director, we need to do to improve the environmental leader, facilitator. Through the implementation of "the party and government with responsibility", "A Pair of responsibility" to mobilize the county party committee leadership for environmental work really seriously, true participation and the real Officer enthusiasm, initiative, and thus a strong impetus to the ongoing air pollution control work .

First, the county party committee in charge of guiding people recognize responsibility, understand the responsibility. Previously in some places, large local governments at all levels are aware of the environmental quality should be responsible for the administrative district in accordance with the law, but ignored the Party in environmental protection also have the responsibility, and the responsibility of the Party Committee and government are different. To deploy at the county level environmental protection tasks, often the documents are issued only to government, responsible only to the government pressure, interviews and accountability is targeted at government primary responsibility. While the main person in charge of the county party committee, but stressed that the form should attach great importance to strengthen leadership. From a practical perspective, a place of long-term pollution problems are not resolved, the higher conduction requires a lot less than the grass roots, many environmental protection work hard to put in place, with the party committee person in charge did not really grasp, there is no real possession of a direct relationship.

July 2015, the Central Leading Group for deepening the reform comprehensively the fourteenth meeting stressed that environmental protection, "the party and government with responsibility", the Langfang Municipal keen to raise awareness, on the one hand promptly organize the county party committee responsible for common learning, to enhance the re-thinking ; start practice on the one hand, self-pressurized, local air pollution control regulations, clearly from the implementation of environmental management reform "party and government with the responsibility" to start, emphasizing the grasp air pollution control work is the main person in charge of the county party committee fair share of things, and the same level of local governments have the same responsibility even more important leadership responsibilities. At the same time, the implementation of environmental protection work leading group "double leader" system. When assigned tasks party committee and government synchronization, when a clear responsibility of Party, government and the mark, when the assessment of accountability Party committees and governments equally. In commenting on the work, when asked to write checks and interviews accountability, the county party committee responsible persons responsible for more than the government into the desired location.

The second is clear to the county party committee responsible for segregation of duties, be responsible. Emphasize environmental protection, "the party and government with responsibility", is the central deepen the reform is a major institutional innovation. Has been able to produce for the local party committee person in charge of the execution and the enthusiasm, initiative important influence on the field of environmental protection reforms can have a powerful impact and bring a strong positive energy, the reason is that this reform hits the mark, caught living and environmental protection work crux lifeline.

Through strict implementation of the "party and government with responsibility", Langfang major party committees and government leaders, as leaders, undertake specific environmental tasks. Party committee leaders take the initiative to put his name written letters of responsibility, accountability, be accountable to be included in the liability form, into the frontline tackling the task scheduling centralized program of work, solve problems standing in the job site, guide the city down the formation of the initiative assume responsibility, take the initiative to implement, create a good atmosphere for active performance.

Third, the major party committees responsible person interviews, accountability is not going through the motions. Interviews, is mainly responsible for the accountability of local party committees, it is to implement the "leading cadres ecological damage accountability measures" requirement to prevent grass-roots party environmental responsibility blur beneficial exploration. Since 2015, Langfang City in the implementation of air pollution control in order to focus on environmental protection, the county party committee leadership for the implementation of environmental responsibility interviews really, really check, really accountable, true punishment, effectively changing the party committee responsible for environmental protection less responsibility to do more to make a kind of problem.

According to "Langfang City air pollution control accountability measures" can not be completed within the annual rate of decrease air pollution index, monthly pollution index ranked teams last, week, air pollution control work can not guarantee the quality and quantity of the planned target counties (cities, districts) party , government leaders, respectively, must write a written examination, secretary to take the lead to make public media rectification commitment to take the lead interviewed, shall Pingxianpingyou year. More than a year, the city party committee in charge of the county people, six people (times) write a written examination, 3 person (s) to be interviewed, 12 (times) criticized by the media exposure. At the same time, there are three counties (cities, districts) because the single month of air quality pollution index decline rate is low, team ranked last in the main party leaders do after checking at the same time, be punished by a fine of 20 million yuan pre-penalty. Although the pre-penalty fines, the counties (cities, districts) money, but the main party leaders feel humiliated, unable to explain to the people, so the work even more motivation to avoid punishment become a reality. Thereby forming than learn to help combat air pollution in the atmosphere.

China Environment News: "Thirteen Five" Before, more emphasis on environmental protection around the completion of the total emission reduction task, the task is completed well in many areas, but people do not buy it. The Shandong Province put forward the "blue sky, starry" standard, fully taking into account the environmental quality factors. Deputy secretary of the Party Group of Dongying City, Shandong Province Environmental Protection Bureau Yan Jing Guang in this area certainly has a very profound experience. For the improvement of environmental quality, Dongying City taken means?

Yan Jing Guang: Dongying Yellow River into the sea, and is the seat of Shengli Oilfield, Dongying built because of the oil, because oil and hing. These years of development, a large number of chemical companies to grow up. The city's petrochemical enterprises reached 840, local refining capacity of 80 million tons, accounting for 2/3 of Shandong Province. Although the economy has developed rapidly, but the way is still relatively extensive, huge environmental pressures, environmental management task is arduous. If we continue extensive development continues, the road will become narrower and narrower chemical industry in the country's competitiveness, product quality will be affected. In response to this reality, Dongying municipal government actively innovative environmental management, the implementation of the city's chemical industry, environmental protection, safety, energy saving three rating a comment.

Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau in accordance with the evaluation criteria identified in the chemical industry, the city's environmental protection enterprises evaluated. Up to now, we have completed the evaluation of the 694 companies. Among them, some of the companies have been rated as poor shut down. According to the municipal government requirements, 2015 and 2017, three years to complete the overall evaluation. According to the results, the municipal government issued Dongying City Chemical Industrial Structure Adjustment views on the future development of the city's chemical industry provide clear guidance.

Direction of future development of chemical industry, is relying on the Dongying Port Economic Zone and Marina project area, to create a national chemical industry base. All future projects Dongying City are gathered in this, no other place on the new chemical projects. At the same time, take the "1 + N" mode to create a national chemical industry base and a number of key chemical companies. Currently the city has built many large oil refining companies. When the chemical industry to adjust the layout of these enterprises relocation or removal is impractical, so the future model is "1 + N", industrial transformation and upgrading, rather than simply adding capacity.

Dongying City in the chemical industry, the layout of certain aspects of exploration, the next step to be innovative environmental management, Forced industrial upgrading, Dongying City Chemical Industry reborn.

China Environment News: According to media reports, in 2015 the city of Zhuzhou mayor hotline complaints have more than 60,000 members, there are more than 6,000 environmental complaints, accounting for one-tenth of the city's total. This shows that the people's aspirations for a better environment and more intense, but also environmental protection work of the new requirements. In improving the quality of the environment, which were Zhuzhou City environmental management innovation? Zhuzhou City Environmental Protection Bureau issued a "routine environmental monitoring pollution Zhuzhou random sample embodiment," Can you tell us?

Mao Yawen: It is understood that more than 6,000 environmental complaints, nearly 30% of city catering fumes complaints, complaints related to the amount of the year (to the end of August statistics) more than the previous year. Now it belongs to the category Food fumes urban management, to strengthen the comprehensive management. There are also complaints about the refineries, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants. Currently Zhuzhou municipal government attaches great importance to this, the next step will continue to increase remediation efforts.

It is a source of pollution checks in accordance with the requirements of the relevant policies of the State Council, actively implemented. Notably the completion of two checks: one key pollution sources, two general sources. For municipal key sources of pollution, 25% per quarter in accordance with the proportion of spot checks; sources of counties, according to a quarterly 6% of checks, checks to ensure open, fair and legitimate. We integrate municipal, county data sources and law enforcement personnel data, the establishment of a database. For example, today checks five firms, each going four people, it will be arranged through the database, which enforces the law enforcement authority, to avoid the risk of law enforcement.

Also talk about our work in the confusion. On the one hand is a grid management. Zhuzhou mesh management since last year, some of the original towns of re-integration of environmental protection station division, three network information sources are very lacking, the work is more difficult to carry out. Also the number of regulators is to check with the company do not match, it is difficult to complete the regulatory tasks. On the other hand, the county environmental protection department and equipment is relatively backward, in the field of law enforcement difficult to detect excessive gas, resulting in law enforcement can not be successfully completed.

China Environment News: It is understood, Tongren City, Guizhou Province issued a corporate credit rating of environmental protection measures, and the establishment of a joint meeting of the ecological environment protection of the rule of law, public security and environmental protection of joint law enforcement coordination mechanism. Please Tongren City, Guizhou Province Environmental Protection Bureau, party secretary Li Minggang explain in detail.

Li Minggang: Tongren City of Guizhou in the east, administer eight counties, two districts, two economic development zones. Air quality, water quality is good, but environmental violations have occurred, affecting improve environmental quality. Blow past violations still relatively loose, relatively soft, it is not enough. After the new "Environmental Protection Law", we have established a mechanism for environmental protection, prosecution, courts and public security linkage law enforcement, notably the establishment of a joint meeting system and case consultation system, public security, procuratorial and environmental protection departments at the same intervention. Such efforts to combat big, too big deterrent.

In order to improve the environmental responsibility of enterprises to fulfill their enthusiasm, Tongren government issued a credit rating system of environmental protection, accounting for enterprises to establish credit, implementation oversight checks carried out by the end of grade evaluation. Conscientiously fulfill the environmental requirements of enterprises, the credit business. Does not fulfill the responsibilities for environmental protection and enterprise systems, was named corporate dishonesty. Dishonesty enterprise once published, in the business, the financial sector will have a record, business development will be affected, it has a certain role in binding. Enterprises will pay more attention to environmental protection, will not dare to excessive emissions.

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