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Sterilization effect in the role play:

2016-09-16 22:10:49

        DT-302 composite biocide for a variety of open and closed industrial circulating water system and biocide treatment of various heat transfer systems, can be strong SPORICIDAL, Legionella, vegetative bacteria, fungi, kill heterotrophic bacteria, iron bacteria and algae, and other pathogenic microorganisms more than 95%, the fast killing and strongly inhibit the circulating water, cooling towers, pools and other systems of blue-green algae, red algae, seaweeds and other algae use this agent prevent bacteria, algae caused by the corrosion of equipment and congestion, improve water circulation system efficiency, extend equipment life.

        Scope: distillate, a pasteurization air conditioning, industrial circulating water system, cooling tower system, air filter, heat transfer systems, such as vaporizer, sterilizer, steam and other water systems. Used in power plants, chemical, fertilizer, oil refining, metallurgy, central air-conditioning trains, shopping malls and central air conditioning and other industrial cooling water system for water treatment agent biocide and slime stripping agent. It also has some corrosion inhibition.

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