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Non phosphorus scale inhibitor will become the main force in the field of industrial water treatment in the future

2016-09-21 01:56:08

        Water treatment agent of organic phosphonic acid and organic carboxylic acid copolymer industry in the past few decades the water treatment industry occupies the absolute market, with the development of human cognition and the development ability of the circulating water system using non phosphorus corrosion inhibitor has emerged.

        As an environmentally friendly scale inhibitor, the effect was obvious in scale and corrosion inhibition and sterilization. Suitable for inhibiting the formation of calcium carbonate scale, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate and calcium phosphate in water treatment of cooling water, power plants and steel mills. Because of its phosphate, greatly reducing the content of phosphorus in sewage water, sewage treatment costs greatly reduced; at the same time, reduce the microbial water circulation system in the breeding, reduce bactericide algicide, slime stripping agent
        In the circulating water system, selection of appropriate scale inhibitors, can improve the water treatment efficiency, so that the industrial water treatment work more smoothly and effectively, but also to protect the water conservation and environmental protection.

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