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Corrosion and scale inhibition technology for oilfield sewage

2016-09-27 21:18:36

     Oil and gas fields into the late development, the widespread use of water injection and drainage gas production process. In the serious shortage of water resources under the status quo, oil recovery of sewage injection, not only solve the problem of water shortages, but also eliminates the environmental problems of effluent effluent is the best way out of oil. The wastewater contains a lot of Ca2 +, Mg2 + and other easy to scale ions and CI-, S042 + and other corrosive ions, due to pressure, temperature and other conditions, as well as water thermodynamic instability and chemical incompatibility in the reuse process , The system of metal corrosion and scaling problem is very serious.

    At present, the corrosion control of oil production water corrosion softening technology, magnetic anti-scaling technology and the addition of water treatment agent corrosion inhibitor. Scholars generally believe that the most promising measures to control corrosion and fouling are the selection of appropriate corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors. Therefore, in recent years, research and application of water quality stabilizer have been rapid development. However, little research has been done on the corrosion and scale inhibition technology of oilfield sewage, and most of these studies only consider corrosion or scaling control, and few studies have been considered. In this paper, based on the analysis of the quality of the effluent from the oil extraction, the high efficiency compound corrosion inhibitor is developed for the particularity of the oilfield sewage, considering both the corrosion and scale inhibition and the oil production working condition. This paper analyzes the seriousness of corrosion and fouling of oil recovery system in a production plant of Liaohe Oilfield, and analyzes the indexes of the water quality of water injection system, and clarifies its corrosion and fouling reasons. Through the laboratory dynamic simulation experiments, field tests and other methods, screening compound suitable for the production of sewage corrosion inhibitor. The experimental results show that the corrosion rate of the water injection system is 0 at the concentration of 45mg / L. 05mm / a, scale inhibition rate of 98% or more, can achieve the effective control of corrosion and scaling. The agent dosage is small, low cost, corrosion and scale inhibition effect is good, with good value.

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