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Selection and Dosing of Fungicides

2016-10-04 23:03:07
1, the choice of fungicides according to different water quality, the type of bacteria, especially pH. When the pH value is high, should not use chlorine and other oxidizing fungicide, and quaternary ammonium fungicides, the higher the better pH value. When the water contains Fe2 + and H2S, it is not appropriate to use oxidative fungicide, or will not only increase the amount of oxidizing fungicide, but also affect the quality of sewage treatment. Compatibility with other water treatment agents, can not react to offset the effect of each other. Has good solubility, after adding does not affect the water quality is added, can not increase the number of colloidal particles in water, can even dissolve in water, and clear and transparent. The same sewage treatment system should be selected from different types of fungicides, so as to avoid bacterial resistance to high efficiency and low toxicity, easy degradation, no environmental pollution.

2, the addition of fungicides

Dosing method
Continuous Dosing: Control the increase in the number of bacteria
Intermittent impact dosing: high-dose dosing to kill a large number of bacteria
The combination of the two
Dosing point:
Generally located in the sewage treatment system at the far end, such as the station into the water (in addition to the tank before).
In order to ensure the water quality, generally in the sewage treatment filter or injection pump inlet set dosing point.

Continuous dosing: the beginning of a higher concentration, the number of bacteria down control, the use of a relatively low concentration of dosing. The effective concentrations were determined by in-house evaluation and on-site bacterial analysis.
Intermittent impact dosing: Regular use of higher concentrations

Fungicides are sterilized by a sewage treatment system. Dosing cycle, dosage, dosing time, according to the indoor evaluation and on-site bacterial analysis may be adjusted through on-site practice. Bacterial count monitoring Water treatment system to join the fungicide, the regular sampling, according to conventional methods for bacterial count, at any time to adjust the dosing method and the concentration of dosing to ensure that the bactericidal effect of fungicides.

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