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Corrosion inhibitor

2016-10-07 03:12:49

First, corrosion and its hazards

Corrosion: Metal in contact with the surrounding medium, due to chemical or electrochemical causes of damage.

Corrosion of oilfield sewage: It has high corrosivity because of its high salinity, corrosive gas (H2S, CO2, O2) and microorganism (SRB, TGB).

Corrosion hazards: the sewage collection and transportation pipelines, water treatment equipment, oil wells and downhole tool corrosion damage, affecting the normal operation of the oilfield production system, but also cause a fire, causing environmental pollution.

Anti - corrosion measures of metal equipment

Divided into three categories:

   First, through the addition of chemical preservatives to achieve the purpose of reducing corrosion;

   Second, the metal body and corrosive media separated, such as a variety of internal and external lining, anti-corrosion coating equipment pipelines;

   Third, the use of corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel, plastic and so on.

Second, the definition and type of corrosion inhibitor

1, corrosion inhibitor definition

All corrosive medium can add a small amount of material to prevent or slow down the corrosion of metals, such substances known as corrosion inhibitor.

2, the type of corrosion inhibitor

Oxidative corrosion inhibitor

Corrosion inhibition mechanism: the metal surface to generate a layer of dense and well number of surface oxide film, or with the metal ion to produce insoluble salt, prevent the metal ions into the solution, inhibit corrosion. Such as chromate (NaCrO2, K2Cr2O7), nitrite (NaNO2) and so on.

Precipitation type corrosion inhibitor

Oilfield sewage chemical water treatment chemicals

Corrosion inhibition mechanism: corrosion inhibitor and corrosion of certain components of the reaction environment, the formation of dense precipitate film, or generate new polymer, covering the metal surface, the film's resistivity, inhibit the corrosion of metals .

Corrosion inhibitors are cathodic inhibition and mixed inhibition type of points, such as octynol, phosphate, hydroxyquinoline and so on.

Adsorption type corrosion inhibitor (organic corrosion inhibitor)

Corrosion inhibition mechanism: corrosion inhibitor molecules have polar groups and non-polar groups, adding polar groups in the corrosive medium adsorbed on the metal surface, non-polar groups are oriented outwardly arranged to form hydrophobic Film, so that metal and corrosive media separated. Such as alkylamine (RNH2), alkylpyridinium chloride, imidazoline derivatives and the like.

Third, corrosion inhibitor selection

1, the choice of sewage treatment corrosion inhibitor

Determine the cause of corrosion

For the oilfield production system, the corrosion of the pH value, salt, corrosive gases, bacteria, must find the main cause of corrosion, the determination of the dissolved gas, the corrosion of the ionic composition, corrosion products.

For the inhibition of H2S corrosion, pyridine and aliphatic amines can be used adsorption inhibitor; prevention and treatment of CO2 corrosion, imidazoline inhibitor.

Indoor evaluation: indoor corrosion inhibitor selection of high corrosion inhibitor and its use, and then in the field application. Indoor evaluation is generally used coupon test method.

Field experiments to determine the amount of corrosion inhibitor and dosing methods

The establishment of corrosion monitoring points, at any time to monitor the corrosion rate of hanging films in order to adjust and improve corrosion inhibitor varieties, dosage and dosing methods.

To compare the economic and technical indicators

The corrosion rate, dosage, toxicity and corrosion rate of the corrosion inhibitor were analyzed, and the corrosion inhibitor with relatively high corrosion rate, low cost and light pollution to the environment was selected.

2, oilfield sewage treatment systems commonly used corrosion inhibitor

For the oil field sewage treatment system, the corrosion inhibitor is better corrosion effect:

Nitrogen-containing organic compounds, aliphatic amines and salts, amides and imidazolines.

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