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Brief Analysis of Zero Discharge Disposal Method of Pharmaceutical Wastewater

2016-10-12 03:27:11

        Zero discharge technology of pharmaceutical wastewater

        1, the heavy metal ions in the wastewater was originally a corrosive factor, but was multi-functional scale and corrosion inhibitor complex, but it can be deposited in the equipment surface pre-film. Metal ion-exchange membrane can resist the corrosion of high CI- and high SO42- in circulating water.
        2, the circulating water system, zero emissions, the dissolved fouling substances to super-saturated state will precipitate into scale. But the multi-functional scale and corrosion inhibitor acts on the precipitation process of the scaling material and changes its crystal form, making it a water residue, so the circulating water system can not scale for a long time.
        3, organic matter in wastewater and ammonia nitrogen is the growth of bacteria and algae rich nutrients, but the circulating water of high CI- and inhibited the growth of bacteria and algae. The organic matter and ammonia nitrogen are degraded while being absorbed by the bacteria.
        4, the formation of fouling material after precipitation of water slag and COD, BOD degradation of inorganic matter generated, the co-promotion of the turbidity of circulating water. However, CaCl2 super-saturation precipitation has become a purifying agent, even in the absence of bypass filtration of the circulating water system, can also achieve zero emissions.
        5, the wastewater oil, alkali is not a bad thing, because the heat through the heat exchanger, the saponification can occur, resulting in soap benefits, you can remove the system of oil and dirt.

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