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Water treatment agent manufacturers how to better transport water treatment agent?

2016-10-19 22:23:53

        Most of the water treatment agent is a liquid, then how can better transport water treatment agent? Most of the water treatment agent manufacturers using plastic bottled water treatment agent? But the water treatment agent in the transport process is easy to seep, especially long-distance transport, so how can we solve the leak problem? Xiaobian here are a few suggestions for reference:

        First of all, should be selected from the choice of packaging, plastic barrels should be selected regular manufacturers of standardized plastic barrels, sealed to be strict, the current domestic manufacturers of plastic drums mixed, so water treatment agent manufacturer purchasing department should seize plastic bucket procurement quality.

        Second, in the packaging process should pay attention to some problems, water treatment agent can not be filled too full, if installed too full, in the course of transport even if the plastic barrel tightly sealed, in a certain impact and extrusion easily seepage, water treatment Agent oozing can contaminate other items, resulting in unnecessary losses, so in the production process strictly control the packaging specifications, in accordance with standardized packaging.

        Once again, we should choose a special transport vehicles, water treatment chemicals are chemical products, chemical products should choose a special transport vehicles, chemical products for chemical packaging vehicles have strict transport standards, to minimize the transport risk.

        Finally, the transport of water treatment agents need to co-ordinate scientific management, to take a reasonable approach, so as to avoid the loss of the transport process!

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