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Scale inhibition performance of scale inhibitor in high temperature water

2016-10-22 23:35:17

        Water resources are one of the important energy sources for economic development. In recent years, the contradiction between the acceleration of industrialization and the relative shortage of water resources has become increasingly prominent, and the use of recycled cooling water, which accounts for more than 80% of industrial water use, will be one of the effective measures to conserve water resources. The circulating cooling water of the water treatment agent can prevent corrosion and fouling of the equipment and achieve the dual purpose of water saving. However, there are certain disadvantages in the components of the water treatment agent (such as easy decomposition under high temperature conditions) , Thus limiting the application of water treatment agent range.

        At present, has developed a large number of in the low temperature conditions, the use of water treatment agent and the corresponding scale inhibitor, and in practical production has been widely used. However, with the development of modern industry, the water temperature of heat exchange medium is greatly improved, and the existing water treatment agent and the corresponding scale inhibitor have been difficult to meet the needs of high temperature cooling water treatment, research and development can adapt to high temperature conditions of water treatment agent and The corresponding scale inhibitor is very necessary. However, few studies have been reported in this field. In this paper, the static scale method was used to screen the scale inhibitor of water treatment agent with high temperature resistance and good thermal stability, and its scale inhibition performance was also studied.

        in conclusion:
        (1) Compared with HEDP and PC-604, PBTCA has good scale inhibition performance under high temperature. Taking into account the economic benefits and scale performance, the 2mg / LPBTCA and 4mg / LHEDP compound when used better.
        (2) The optimum scale inhibition effect of 2mg / LPBTCA + 4mg / LHEDP compound scale inhibitor is best when the pH value is 8.2 and the mass concentration of Ca2 + and HCO3- is 550mg / L and 500mg / L respectively. .
        (3) With the increase of HCO3-concentration and pH value in the system, the fouling tendency of the system increased, but the effect of Ca2 + ion was not obvious. But the addition of PBTCA and HEDP compound scale inhibitor could decrease the system Fouling rate.

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