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Central air conditioning heating water treatment

2016-11-08 01:53:44

        Central air conditioning winter heating water system is actually running in summer chilled water system, the hot water source to use more steam - water or water - water exchange. Regardless of where the heat source, as long as the heating water is untreated raw water, are likely to cause equipment (such as heat exchanger) fouling and affect the heating effect. If the heating water with a low residual hardness of softened water, although the scaling problem is resolved, but if not take effective anti-corrosion measures, heating system corrosion will become particularly prominent, so that heating water was rusty.

        In order to effectively prevent the central air conditioning heating water system scaling, corrosion, regardless of the system using raw water or softened water, simple and effective treatment method is to add water treatment agent - scale and corrosion inhibitor, with the pharmaceutical The heating water pH adjusted to 10 to 12, you can effectively prevent equipment scaling, but also to effectively prevent the corrosion of steel systems. In order to control the heating water system copper corrosion, but also to the heating water per 100 grams of water per 100 grams of copper corrosion inhibitor.

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