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Efficient slime stripping agent

2016-11-11 21:58:12
    First, the product description
    High-efficiency slime stripping agent is composed of bactericide, surfactant, strong penetrating agent, stabilizer and so on, can penetrate into the mucilaginous micelles rapidly, oxidize and decompose to release bubbles, combine bactericide and active agent to make After sloughing off with the water discharge, to achieve strong stripping and cleaning purposes, so that the surface clean, so as to prevent scale corrosion.
    Second, product characteristics
    Has good dispersion and permeability of low toxicity, the role of fast-body agents, can shorten the mixing time. Mainly applicable to power plants, chemical, oil refining,     paper mills, food plants
Appearance: light yellow or colorless transparent Specific Gravity: 1.0-1.3 Solubility: Completely miscible with water Freezing point: -3 ℃ Odor: Pungent odor
    Fourth, application
    Water treatment agent high-performance slime stripping agent recommended concentration 150--200mg / L impact into the pond at the exit of the tower, according to the system of circulating water volume of 150-200ppm, cycle 24-48 hours, when the circulating water turbidity The maximum value to stop the peeling process, began to change the water, you can see significant results. Stripping a large number of foam appears, is a normal phenomenon. When the circulating water due to peeling and the emergence of dirt, should be timely removal of floating objects, so as to avoid secondary deposition.
    Fifth, the operational considerations
     Wearing suitable gloves, eye goggles, if inadvertent such as eyes, immediately rinse with plenty of water and eye doctor. Such as spills, the sand, the absorption of other substances after the removal of the clearance, after rinse with water can be; before use can refer to material safety data (MSDS)

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